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Our Jewish Community is published monthly in South Florida. The opinions expressed in these pages are those of the authors and contributors and not necessarily those of the editors or publisher. Copyrighted material is reprinted with the permission of the copyright holder. Our Jewish Community does not endorse or assume any responsibility for any product or service advertised in these pages.Restaurants please note: Because this is a Jewish publication, we will only accept advertisements from those that have reliable kashrut supervision. Contact Simone Broide for more information 561-929-4568.

Our Jewish Communty is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Our first edition began publishing in the small Jewish Community of Montoya Circle and grew to include the Jewish Community throughout Boca Raton. This past summer of 2007 Our Jewish Communty expanded to include the entire Palm Beach County Jewish Community.In January 2008 OJC began publishing in a larger format that included a color front a back cover and initiated distribution in Broward County. April 2008 OJC expanded its distribution to include Miami/Dade County. The combination of afforable advertising prices as well as quality advertisements will undoubtedly ensure that businesses in those areas will continue to gravitate to advertising in Our Jewish Community.

We help everyone in the Jewish Community:

New Business Owners advertise in our Jewish Community

New business owners are always searching for inexpensive yet effective methods of showcasing their new products or letting everyone know about their new business. Most of the working capital is invested into the actual business and there is never enough money to cover the high cost of traditional advertising.

Established Businesses advertise in Our Jewish Community

Even established companies are always looking to grow their client base. Our local Jewish community, with its strong emphasis on education and financial responsibility is a great place to begin.

Community Organizations advertise in Our Jewish Community

Every local organization is familiar with the trouble and expense involved in preparing promotional material for an upcoming program. Once the advertisement is finally prepared, the organizations limited mailing list ensures that only a limited number of families will hear about the program.

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Our Jewish Community - "A Commitment to Affordable Advertising"